24 June 2021

Why is local travel so special in South Africa


When it comes to travelling across South Africa, I am definitely a veteran, which I regard as an incredible honour. Although I was born in Namibia, I have lived in the Rainbow Nation my entire life. It is my home, I love it here and I want to see as much as possible. This drive to explore my country makes me reflect on an important matter though. The age of content creation has brought a new dimension on what travel means to us, especially via  platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. To a very large extent it has taken away our desire to travel within the boundaries of our countries. We are so drawn in by the promise of greener landscapes, bigger mountains and more impressive beaches elsewhere, that we skip over what we have at home. Without further delay, let me take a moment to share a little about why SA travel is so worth it.

The People

Ah, the people. I honestly believe we have the greatest people in the world. Although we have our problems, the average South African is, what we would call, a “lekker” person. We all have such openness to share and such an unmatched urge to entertain. Most South African people are super friendly and accommodating. We love gathering together to share moments. A place is only as good as its people, and that is exactly why South Africa is such a special country to travel across.

The Beauty

South Africa is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We truly have everything here. We have the great vastness of the Kalahari desert and all its secrets, the endless Cape beauty and the marvellous Drakensberg Mountain range. Although reasonably well-developed industrially, South Africa also has large untouched and wild places that add so much value to adventures. The country’s incredible variety in beauty makes it truly wonderful from a traveller’s perspective.

The Food

“The food there is so much better” – every friend I have who has left South Africa.

This belief also extends to all of my foreign friends who have visited. We truly have the freshest and most delicious food in South Africa, from our “braaibroodjies”(barbeque toasted bread made with onion, cheese and tomatoes) and boerewors (South African sausage) to Koeksisters and Melkert (pudding goodies) – to name but the tip of the iceberg.

The best part of our great food is that you can have it on your travels throughout the country. The cuisine goodness really makes South Africa such a great place to visit.

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