Winter Whip champions

Winter Whip champions

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Crowns 2018 Snowboard and Ski Slopestyle Champions

The Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Snowboard and Ski Festival celebrated its 5th edition with an incredible weekend at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho.

The four day event (2-5 August 2018), which is organised annually by LW Mag, saw a host of local and international Snowboarders and Skiers participate in the Slopestyle competition. Luke Dutton and Mawa Jekot took top honours in the Pro Mens and Ladies divisions respectively.

This year’s Slopestyle course was designed by the resort’s Kapoko Park crew and included more features than ever before. A mix of rail, stair and box features were included in the top half of the course moving into the final two big kicker platforms. The course provided fun and technical options for the competitors, allowing for progressive runs throughout the jam style contest.

The Pro Mens division did not disappoint with an array of technical riding and big air tricks being thrown down by the top competitors. Errol Krauss made his return to South Africa from the UK to compete, and it paid off with runs including a Toe 180 to Switch 50-50 to Switch Back 180 out and Hardway 270 Switch Frontboard on the rail garden sections, a Backflip, Back 540 Indy, and Cab 180 on the kickers saw him claim the 3rd step of the podium.

Kaylib Louw, who finished in 8th last year, upped his game immensely with a Back Tailslide on the square rail, a Front Lip Noseslide on the handrail and a Frontboard on the rainbow rail before landing a big Frontflip, a Back 540 and back-to-back 540’s on the kickers to take 2nd place.

Luke Dutton always finds himself in the mix for the top step and this year he finally nailed it. Dutton’s trick list of a 50-50 to Switch Back 180 out, Front Lipslide and Front 360 in the rail gardens, and a Front 360 Double Shifty, Superman Frontflip and Back 360 Grab over the kickers edged out the rest of the field to take the win.
The win also sees Dutton take the Club Med prize consisting of a snow holiday for two to a Club Med resort in the French Alps.

In the Ladies division it was Mawa Jekot who put in a solid performance to claim yet another Winter Whip victory. Jekot’s dominant victory came from her Switch 180 on 180 out on the flat box, Switch Boardslide on the down box, Noseslide over the rainbow rail before throwing a Cab 180 Indy, Switch 360s and stylish Methods over the kickers.

Vanessa Phillips rode well all weekend long seeing her take a well deserved 2nd place. In the Rail garden sections Phillips stuck a Front 50-50 and Boardslides moving onto a Cab 180 and Tailgrabs over the kickers.
14 year old Anja Gluch rounded off the podium with her progressive runs featuring 50-50’s through the top sections of the park and Straight Airs over the Bonk and kickers.

Ultimate Ears treated the athletes and resort guests to activations and giveaways throughout the weekend, while Club Med setup an exclusive lounge offering hot chocolate and gluhwein. Zappa Sambuca kicked off the apres ski party on the snow and celebrations went on late into the night with live performances from Lawless Gentlemen and Sutherland, and DJs Black Sparrow and Half n Half.

to read more about the event, visit LWMAG online


2018 Ultimate Ears Winter

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