We have a passion for local travel  destinations, explorers and adventure seekers. We find our love for local nomads and travel spots stemming from our route in South Africa as a local brand. Our love for local is not only because we are South African but because we have basked in the beauty of everything Africa offers. Travelling doesn’t have to be a pricey affair, when you can be a tourist in your own country. Adventure awaits on the African Horizon, through the bountiful mountains and in the shores of the coast. There’s no need to board a plane with all these frontiers that lie almost on your door step. What is your favorite local destination? Tag us #localiszappa , we would love to see where your adventure lies.


Meet our local wanderers , explorer, thrill seekers and storytellers who are exploring South Africa one destination  at a time. Bringing you travel hacks , budget tips and showcasing hidden travel treasure troves that will ignite your soul.

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10 Top Haunted Places

South Africa is rich in ghost stories and haunted places. For those who can’t resist the urge to have their skin crawling and hairs standing, check out these Top 10 Haunted Places in South Africa and feed your horror curiosity this halloween. Perhaps even pay a visit… if you dare

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Why is local travel so special in South Africa

When it comes to travelling across South Africa, I am definitely a veteran, which I regard as an incredible honour. Although I was born in Namibia, I have lived in the Rainbow Nation my entire life. It is my home, I love it here and I want to see as much as possible. This drive to explore my country makes me reflect on an important matter though. The age of content creation has brought a new dimension on what travel means to us, especially via platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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Travel Hacks

Within reasonable bounds, I have always been a big advocate for embracing the fact that mistakes happen and that they are a necessity to life that you need to learn how to turn into a positive. Through the last couple of years I have also learnt how to apply this ethic to my travels. Many mistakes were made on my part, which is why I am super excited to share a few tips and hacks so that you don’t have to make them.

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Favourite local spots to travel to

Every creator has a few local spots that they love more than any other; I am no different. Before I share my top picks with you, allow me to divulge some wisdom – if you can call it that: A location is only as good as your eagerness to be unique and drive to be creative. Regardless of how ordinary or spectacular, you want to get as much out of it as possible, and I say this from both a creative and traveller’s perspective. I definitely urge you not to be limited by location. With the right mentality, anywhere can become magical.

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5 Holiday Packing Hacks

So you have managed to get that extra special time off with your mates and head down to the coast for that much needed break. Once you have booked your holiday, filled the tank and sorted out last minute items there is only one more thing left to do, pack your suitcase.

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Durban Breakfast Hotspots

Had a hectic party session last night? Looking for a place to unwind and relax for breakfast? Craving bacon and eggs? Well it’s your lucky day we have some great breakfast spots in Durban where you can do just that.

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5 Days in KZN

So you are headed out with your pals on that road trip to KZN. Where do you go? Where should you stop? Don’t worry we have your back. Here are 5 great places to visit in KZN perfect for your gram.

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Introducing Louw Lemmer

Moving from his birth place in Windhoek in 1999 to his new home in Pretoria, aka Jacaranda city, Louw most certainly caught the travel bug at a very early age. This free spirited creative has been traveling for most of his life and has dedicated himself to capturing the beauty of our planet and its people through breathtaking imagery which tell stories of mystery and love and has since shaped his skills as a talented photographer.

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Introducing Fred Felton

Born and bred in the beautiful coastal city of Durban, Fred Felton has taken advantage of the diverse scenery his hometown has to offer and holds the serene beaches of uMhlanga dear to his heart.

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Introducing MzansiGirl

Mzansi Girl otherwise known as Meruschka Govender is one of South Africa’s most sought after travel influencers. She truly is the queen of content sharing her passion for Africa around the topics of food, African travel, culture and budget travel.

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