17 September 2018

Favourite local spots to travel to

Every creator has a few local spots that they love more than any other; I am no different. Before I share my top picks with you, allow me to divulge some wisdom – if you can call it that: A location is only as good as your eagerness to be unique and drive to be creative. Regardless of how ordinary or spectacular, you want to get as much out of it as possible, and I say this from both a creative and traveller’s perspective. I definitely urge you not to be limited by location. With the right mentality, anywhere can become magical.



Knysna Heads

If you know me, you also know that I love motion and moodiness. Visiting the Knysna Heads at their foot, is one of the secret top tips I can give to you. Although you won’t have the widest amount of angle opportunities, you are spoilt by smashing waves and amazing scale. There are also a couple of dodgy wooden bridges that make for perfect photographic opportunities, to those who feel a little more adventurous. As an afterthought, I would like to recommend the entire Garden Route. It is one of my favourite place in South Africa and has so much to offer.

Wild Coast

I am not going to go pin-point-perfect on this one, although, I do highly recommend Trennerys hotel if you plan on making a trip to the Wild Coast. This place is special to me. I have seen few places in South Africa that are as enthralling  as this place. Few locations feel as out of this world, with dry desert-like beaches and unexpected patches of green life (due to the many rivers that flow into the Indian Ocean). The Wild Coast is truly a place that can send goosebumps running down your body, as you realise the true extent of it’s untamed beauty.


This spot is definitely a local Pretorian’s pick and is also one of those spots that might need a little more eagerness from your part. Compared to the spectacular landscape beauty of Cape Town, Klapperkop sucks, to put it casually. Don’t let that put you off though. With the right level of commitment, you can turn this location into something worth seeing. A top tip is definitely to visit during golden hour, as you can see the sun rise or set on the horizon. Klapperkop also offers you with a perfect – it could even be beautiful – 360 degree view of Pretoria.

Cape Town

I know this is cliché, but I have to be honest here. Cape Town is number one on my personal list of local places to visit; it is essentially a second home to me. I cannot, and never will, get enough of this incredible city. Cape town as so much to offer in terms of beauty, people, super culture, great accommodation and fun activities. I always feel at home and enjoy the countless opportunities that present themselves around every corner. I can also give a sneaky shout out to nearby spots like Stellenbosch (I really love this beautiful European-like town) and Kommetjie (one of my favourite places to stay at near Cape Town). You really are spoilt for choice, in and around Cape Town.

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