Durban Breakfast Hotspots

Had a hectic party session last night? Looking for a place to unwind and relax for breakfast? Craving bacon and eggs? Well, it’s your lucky day we have some great breakfast spots in Durban where you can do just that.

St Clements

Top of the list is a great spot for a breakfast in the heart of Musgrave. Set on Musgrave Road be sure to go to the back of the coffee shop and sit in the wonderful garden setting.  They have a wide variety of meals but if you are unsure go for the light breakfast.  Their coffee is really well made. Enjoy the free WiFi.

Location: 191 Musgrave Road, Durban.

Afro’s Chicken Shop

Situated on Durban Beachfront near South Beach. Look out for the bright yellow container. It’s a great place to cycle to because they have a cycle rack right there where you can park your bike.  Try out their Bacon Roll or if you are really hungry smash a Regmaaker which features egg, bacon, strips, tjips, livers and a toasted roll. If you don’t fancy liver you can swop it for another egg. Bring your own coffee mug and get a discount on your coffee.

Location: 2 O R Tambo Parade, South Beach, Durban

Surf Riders

Situated near uShaka Marine World you can either sit inside or outside. Featuring a variety of breakfasts sit down and enjoy the scenery of the beach and of course people walking along the beachfront.  Great coffee and tasty meals. Still don’t know how they make their chips but they are addictive.

Location: 17 Erskine Terrace, South Beach, Durban

Circus Circus Beach Café

On the other side of Durban Beachfront you will find this quaint coffee shop. Situated slightly back from the crowd you can sit inside or outside or even at the back. A wide variety of meals and the toasted sandwiches are something to share with your friends on Instagram.  If you really want to get the Durban experience sit at one of their tables which are situated right on the beach.  You might stay awhile, a long while. The cappuccino is good.

Location: 1 Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban

KZNSA Arts Cafe

For something a little different head to Bulwer in the Glenwood area of Durban and try out the Arts Café situated in the KZNSA Art Gallery.  It features inside and outside seating. It’s always great to sit outside and enjoy the roadside view.  Strong coffee and a hearty breakfast will get you going in no time. Café has free WiFi. Stop by the Art Gallery inside and take in some local art and visit their Shop on your way out and get a gift for friends and family. 

Location: 166 Bulwer Road, Bulwer, Durban.

Do you know of a breakfast hotspot we don’t know about? Post a picture or video of you enjoying breakfast at the hotspot on Instagram and tag us in @zappashooter and use the hashtags #Fireyoursoul and #LocalisZappa

Article by Fred Felton | Twitter: @fredfelton

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Durban Breakfast Hotspots

Had a hectic party session last night? Looking for a place to unwind and relax for breakfast? Craving bacon and eggs? Well it’s your lucky day we have some great breakfast spots in Durban where you can do just that.

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