Tyler B. Murphy

from Sins of Style

Tell us your story of how you became a full time tattoo artist?
I started working part time at Wildfire Tattoos in 1995. I was strictly a cleaner when I started, it turned into an apprenticeship as I proved my competence. I used to make needles, scrub tubes and draw up client designs for 5 years before I started tattooing customers.

What are your pros and cons of the local tattoo scene?
The local scene has changed over the years. We were the only shop on the Eastern side of the city for years, now days there are four other shops this side. There are many tattooers in Cape Town now, but more so than ever they are making quality tattoos across the board.

What style of tattoo would you say you specialise in? 
I had a couple of years recently where I was thinking that I specialised in a style. The reality is that I enjoy the variety of the work that I do. It is in part because I am requested to do many styles, and out of a competitive arrogance you become entangled with after years of giving your best. The simple answer would be black etching, line work, but life and tattooing are too complicated for simple answers.

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