Tshepang Mashaba


What first sparked your interest for the tattoo industry? 
I fell in love with tattooing because of Dr Woo (international tattoo artist), but also because I’ve always been drawing and wanted to do something with my skills. The way he tattoos always caught my interest and I basically wanted to tattoo like him and become as good a tattoo artist as him.

What do you feel are some of the hardest skills to learn when first starting out?
Communication because there is a major language barrier between me and some of the clients, as English is not my first language. My English has grown a lot and I’m more comfortable with speaking to people. Also having the ability to know what to say to people without offending anyone.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most and why?
Fine line realism. It’s something different to the norm and it’s the perfect way to showcase my art. On the side of being a tattoo artist, I do fine line pen art.

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