Ting Thorne

from Ting’s Tattoo Studio

What have been some of the highlights of successfully running your own shop?
Running your own business definitely isn’t easy. It’s a 24hr job and my day starts at 5:30am most days. The absolute best highlights have been the people we get to meet and the other artists we have worked with. I have lots of hilarious memories and trinkets that have been gifted to me over the years.

What about the tattoo industry attracts you to it and inspires you?
I love the freedom of allowing people to express their feelings and emotions through a tattoo and it’s a really cool thing to be able to give someone. I continue to get inspired by the stories behind tattoos and the great ideas people come up with. Everyday it’s something new and exciting.

What style of tattoo would you say you specialise in, and why?
I love anything botanical or floral. I love pet portraits and basically anything with finer details. I also really enjoy tattoos that look more like paintings than anything else.

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