Shayleigh Roelofse

from Sin on Skin Durban

Give us some insight into you journey of becoming a full time tattoo artist?

I started off my apprenticeship at 19 years old at Sin on Skin under the mentorship of Jake, from there it was just a lot of watching and learning from the artists around me, as well as practising on myself and willing victim’s until Jake felt I was at a level good enough to start doing simple pieces on customers. From there I just made sure to constantly be pushing myself to learn more and do better.

How do you see the tattoo industry evolving in the next 10 years?

The possibilities are endless. If you look back 10 years at the best of the best next to what people are doing now, it’s not even a comparison, and now that tattooing is becoming more and more mainstream it’s only going to get better from here.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?

My favourites are definitely Fine-line and Realistic pieces. I just love the challenge of it, trying to get it as perfect as possible.

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