Séona Stewart

from 1933 classic tattoos

Tell us bout your journey into becoming a full time tattoo artist? 
I was studying music when I was introduced to the tattoo industry. When I left collage, it was quite difficult to find work in the music industry and at that time I bumped into a friend who was doing her tattoo apprenticeship and told me some shops to look into that were looking for apprentices. so I checked it out and that was that.

What style of tattoo would you say you specialise in, and why?
I try push my own drawing style but it’s taken me along time to figure it out what ‘tattoo style’ I fit into, but I’m glad to have taken the time.

What is the most important attribution to ensure you keep progressing as an artist?
To keep drawing, and to try force yourself even when you don’t want to. Also, my boyfriend is an artist and he’s really opened my eyes to – if you’re not drawing you are cheating yourself.

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