Sarah Jardim

from Autumn Tattoo Studio

What first attracted you to the industry, and what drives your passion for it now?

Initially what pulled me to the industry was seeing the versatility in tattooing. I had watched many artists create masterpieces, it blew my mind and lit a fire in me. Now I’d say what drives my passion is the constant desire to improve as an artist, as well as meeting people from all walks of life.

Give us some insight into your new shop, Autumn Tattoo Studio?

We wanted to create an environment that better suits who we are as people, as well as artists. Our studio is private, relaxing, and you are surrounded by imaginary from our different backgrounds. A long term goal would be to create a place where artists can come guest. This is important to me as so many other studio’s have taken me in and helped me grow.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?

One of my favourite things about tattooing is the fact that one medium can create so many different styles. I mostly do animal portraits as I have a fascination with trying to create texture and detail, however I also love the freedom of watercolour. More importantly I think it may be too soon in my career for me to specialise in any one thing, there is still way too much to learn.

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