Roxy Rose

from Fallen Heroes

Give us some insight into how you became a full time tattoo artist?
I  was working as an illustrator at a Johannesburg agency, I decided the agency life wasn’t for me and I sought out an apprenticeship with Brent Goudie, who was tattooing me at the time. I apprenticed under Brent for about a year and then continued to work with him as a junior tattooer. He was an amazing mentor and definitely gave me a solid foundation to become the artist I am today.

What were some of the hardest things to learn when you first started out?
Patience was a big one. I had to really learn to take my time to learn another new skill. I was also very introverted at the time and had to learn to be more of a people person as having a good relationship with your clients is a very important part of being a good tattooer.

Which style of tattoo to you enjoy creating?
Anything illustrative or sketchy. I love drawing and tattooing subject matter involving flowers, girls and animals, cats especially. I prefer doing mostly black work but colour every now and then is also a fun time.

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