Nic Lewis

from Trade Mark Tattoo

What was the defining moment when you knew that this would be the profession for you?
I guess I knew this was it for me. I didn’t have time to test the water and see if I liked it, or if it was for me. I will say though, once I pulled that first line, it was pretty much tickets for anything else – I was instantly hooked.

What do you feel is one of the most important lessons you’ve learnt over the years tattooing?
To not underestimate the power or significance that a simple tattoo has for its wearer. We sometimes take for granted that we have one of the best ways to pass time and make money in this lifetime, that we don’t consider that even though we have tattooed a thousand *insert design here*, Kelsey has only ever wanted that *insert design here* because she has a connection to it.

What style of tattoo to you enjoy doing the most, and why?
It’s constantly changing. I like the challenges that come along with the different styles, except realism. My brain isn’t wired for realism. I love the mixed line weights and colour blends of Neo Traditional. I enjoy soft black and grey as well.

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