Nathan Ferreira

from Ting’s Tattoo Studio

When did you first know that you wanted to become a Tattoo Artist?
I only realised after I had done my first tattoo that I wanted to pursue a career in tattooing, it’s a dream job that I never knew I wanted. I have always tried to pursue creative fields in my life but never seriously contemplated tattooing.

How do you like to make sure you keep progressing as an artist?
Practice is always a good way to progress as an artist and luckily, I get loads of it. If I am not tattooing I always have some sort of design work that needs to be done. I find it especially important as a tattoo artist to familiarise yourself with drawing design elements such as flowers, skulls, shapes, etc. Being able to draw out your head, instead of tracing, becomes very valuable when tattooing especially if something goes wrong while tattooing such as a stencil that doesn’t transfer well or gets wiped away while tattooing.

What style of tattoo would you say you specialise in, and why?
I enjoy the look of neo-traditional pieces. I like how the bold lines and simple colours hold very well over time. The designs are usually simple and to the point and are quite striking to look at. Whilst I love Neo-traditional tattoos, I am becoming more and more drawn to black work tattoos. I think this style more accurately represents my natural artistic abilities.

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