Max Eru

from Obsidian Black Tattoos

Give us some insight into how you became a full time tattoo artist?
I’ve always been drawing, studied Graphic Design at DUT, and when I was living in London I was given a tattoo “kit” by my good friend, Tom “T-dubs” Williams. I didn’t know how to use the machine at all so I started handpoking myself with the needles and a bit of ink to try it out. I moved back to Durban last year and now I’m working from Obsidian Black.

What first attracted you to the trade?
The art part of it. That I could put cool things into my skin. That an artist gets to express themselves and then permanently have walking, moving, developing canvases. I love art that evolves and changes over time.

Which style of tattoo to you enjoy creating?
At the moment I’m really into tattoos that use the shapes and form of the skin/ body as a guide, or at least consider the body as a 3-dimensional canvas. Otherwise I’m into characters, landscapes, comic panels, anything in the realm of manga and Japanese illustration.

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