Mason Murdey

from Tried and True Tattoos

How would you best sum up the vibe of your shop, Tried and True Tattoo?
My studio is definitely a welcoming place, clean, professional but still full of banter and laughs. I have created a place that I, as well as my clients and staff, are stoked to be in. It’s not the biggest shop but it’s definitely a place where I hope people remember their experience and want to come back to. In short, Tried and True is a place you can get a rad tattoo and leave having had a good time.

What does the tattoo industry mean to you?
This industry means a sh!t ton to me. It has literally given me a sustainable career, which I well and truly love and care about.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy doing the most, and why?
I definitely have a strong base which stems from traditional American tattooing, but as my style has developed over the years I think I’ve picked up a bit of a neo traditional look to my tattoos.

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