Lauren Peachfish

from Fallen Heroes

How and why did you become Tattoo Artist?
When Fallen Heroes opened, I was lucky enough to be called upon to be their apprentice. After a year of servitude and education, I started tattooing. A few years later, when the doubt in my abilities began to ebb, and I could pay the bond for the first time in my life, I knew I wanted to become a tattoo artist.

What does the tattoo industry mean to you?
It means I have found a place where no matter how talented you are, you are always humbled by how much talent there is out there. No matter how much you learn, you are always only dipping your toe into how much there is to learn. We have a love/ hate relationship, tattooing and I.

Which style of tattoo to you enjoy creating?
I like doing illustrative things. I love conceptualising pieces that need to integrate many disparate elements. I like finding harmony in design. I like doing all the styles I’ve tried, really. They’re all challenging and that’s fun, mostly.

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