Katleho Mokoena

from Heart & Hand Tattoo

Explain your passion for the tattoo industry, and what it means to you?

Tattooing started off as a skill I was just interested in, but now it’s everything to me. I mean the process is just majestic, from setup to tear down, from consultation to final product, I really don’t imagine myself spending time on anything else, my dog and girlfriend excluded.

Where would you like to see you career take you?

I would really like my art to propel me to different countries in the near future, but at the moment I’m happy with what the industry and all the wonderful people are giving me.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?

Blackwork and dot-work, because it all feels too free man. My approach to my design is more neo traditional and then when I tattoo, that’s when I go more illustrative. I really just like seeing saturated black and dots.

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