Jonathan Esterhuyzen

from Vitamin Ink Tattoos

What does the world of tattoos and tattooing mean to you?
Tattooing is a creative outlet for me and my clients, The conversations I’ve had and relationships I’ve had with clients are memories and experiences that I treasure. I’ve been blessed to make friends and network well in the industry. There’s so much to learn every single day and that excites the heck out of me to get up and do something and I always expect the unexpected, and that keeps life fun and unpredictable.

Where would you like to see your career take you?
I would love to move my work abroad someday to be able to reach a broader market in my target market, which is currently quite small in South Africa. I really enjoy going to conventions so I’d love to attend the super crazy American and European conventions.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most and why?
I love full colour Anime portraits, I’m honestly a super geek at heart and it really is a great bonding experience between myself and my clients when we tattoo pretty pictures and talk geek all day. I also enjoy the bullet sweating challenge of realism.

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