Jake de Gaye

from Sin on Skin Durban

Explain your passion for the trade?

Tattooing has given me and taught me so much about creativity, perseverance and old fashioned hard work. There is no better feeling than seeing a customer’s vision come to life on their body, and seeing the smile that comes with that.

Give us some insight into your shop, Sin on Skin, and the vibe it brings?

I have always wanted to maintain a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at the shop, where absolutely anyone is welcome with their ideas or designs. It’s a fun, relaxed environment, usually with a lot of loud music and laughter.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy doing the most, and why?

I really love doing American Traditional because of the old school tattooing style that goes with it. I also enjoy doing freehand Polynesian work because of the creative freedom it offers me.

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