Christo Olivier


How did your journey into becoming a full time tattoo artist begin?
I was always passionate about art overall but I wanted more, I wanted to belong to something bigger. I then started hanging out with Tattoo Artists and saw that we all have something in common, so they took me in and helped me become the Artist that I am today.

What does the tattoo world mean to you?
Tattooing is my life. Being a Tattoo Artist is more than an art form, it’s putting a joyful smile on a random stranger’s face, the joy they have in their eyes once you’re done with a piece, whether it’s a tiny Tattoo or a portrait, the smiles’ always hit differently.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?
Realism Portraits and Traditional.
Realism Portraits: because of the challenge each portrait gives you.
Traditional: I mean come on, a clean thick line?! Nothing more beautiful than that.

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