Bryan Du Rand

from Levitation Tattoo Studio

Give us some insight into your shop – Levitation Tattoo Studio – and its artists?
Levitation Tattoo kind of happened by accident. We stumbled across this amazing property, as soon as I walked in it became very apparent that this could be an amazing space for a tattoo shop. I then began the difficult process of finding the right artists and although I have space for 6 artists. I have only decided on 4 artists for now who have what I am looking for – reliability, good bed side manner and super high quality polished tattoos.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?
I enjoy Japanese and Realism. Japanese style is therapeutic to me.

If you could offer any advice for anyone wanting to get their first tattoo, what would it be?
Shop around! Enquire with multiple artists and find the right one for you that suits your style and budget. Luckily for clients we have options. In one phone call you are able to get quotes and advice from all the artists in studio.

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