Ali Nuru Moon Ink

from Aya Soul Tattoos

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most?
I do a lot of tribal tattoos. I study different tribes, symbology, patterns, etc, and try to use it as accurately and respectfully as I can. I do some ornamental designs too and occasionally switch it up with more realistic type tattoos. As realistic as I can do with handpoke. I love to push the limits of what people can achieve with handpoke and I love to create quite large pieces.

Why is handpoking your chosen form of tattooing?
I just don’t feel the same connection when using machine. I love tattooing, in all forms. For me personally, I just feel more connected to handpoke.

If you could tattoo anyone one person, who would it be and why?
My parents. Especially my dad. Just because he’s from a small Portuguese island so he’s very traditional and set in his ways, and in my mind having a tattoo might change his views on it. Also I think it would be really special.

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