Christo Kleynhans

Tattoo Artist: Christo Kleynhans 

Tattoo Shop: Stay Gold Tattoo Co

How and why did you become Tattoo Artist?

I was always drawing as a kid and later on I got involved in graffiti art. Tattooing then caught my atention and after working in the design industry for many years, I decided to pursue tattooing full time.

What attracts you to the industry?

The allure of pursuing a new craft, a new medium. To art hand drawn instead of using a PC day in and day out.

Which style of tattoo to you enjoy creating?

I love script, realism, Chicano vibes… mostly just tattooing in general.

To read his full story, click here or visit

Social handles:

Facebook – Stay Gold Tattoo Co

Instagram – @staygoldtattooco

Instagram (personal) – @dub1_tattoo 

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